Thursday, 14 February 2019

Sanjay and Binaifer Kohli get felicitated by Mumbai Traffic Police

The king of comedy on TV, Sanjay Kohli and his wife Binaifer Kohli recently attended an event by the Mumbai Traffic Police. Talking about the event, Sanjay Kohli, who has produced the "Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai" and Jijaji Chhat Per Hai",  says that it was quite an honour for them to be part of it. “It was a proud privilege to be part of this event among such dignitaries of the police force. We have great respect and regard for the police force. We are there whenever and wherever they call us. My entire family is in the army. My father died while serving in the army. So I have great respect for all government officers. It was a matter of privilege to attend the event and get honoured. A memento was given to us by the Bombay police force,” he says.

 In fact, both Sanjay and Binaifer Kohli often lend their support to good causes. “Life has given us so much and therefore we should give back to it. I don't think I have done something great, rather I think I should do more. Binaifer Kohli says "I have decided that in a year or two I will retire and I will do something about global warming for the betterment of the next generation,”

Their production house Edit II is a big brand now. Talking about it, Sanjay Kohli  says, “Edit II was always a big brand. We did "Family no 1 " on Sony, which till today is one of the 5 best shows in television history. It is the only one to be nominated in the international awards. FIR was an iconic show that ran for 9 years. Bhabiji is a rage and so loved. I feel good as I work hard. It has taken a lot of effort to reach where we are today and God has always been kind to us. We still work 16 hours a day. Our team is great & channel team has always been helpful. My Creative team especially  Shashank Bali and Manoj Santoshi are my strengths and  when the environment is positive then good work flourishes.”

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

The adventures of Krishna Bharadwaj and his donkey in Tenali Rama

Actor Krishna Bharadwaj, who is seen in the show Tenali Rama, shot a
very interesting sequence recently. The sequence involved him training
a donkey. “This is a super interesting sequence where I have been
orders given by Maharaj Krishna Dev Rai and a Padosi Raja to teach a
donkey. The enemy has challenged us to train a donkey. And I have been
given the orders to teach him,” he says.

And guess what? The donkey that is being used is quite a filmy one.
“This donkey is from the film line. The donkey has come after shooting
Sultan and Thugs of Hindustan. The real name of the donkey is Nawab.
It's a very innocent donkey and it is acceptive to the orders of its
trainer,” he says.

The actor admits to being quite uncertain about the sequence before it
began. “I was very surprised when I heard about this idea of shooting
with an animal. But this donkey is very friendly. But I am enjoying it
now. It’s fun to explore new areas of creativity,” he says.

Makers of Total Dhamaal to launch the trailer in different languages!

The third installment of the Dhamaal franchise, Total Dhamaal is all set to give audiences reasons to laugh more! The fun-filled trailer of the film has garnered immense appreciation. While the audiences are still reeling in the comic timing of the trailer and songs, the makers have come up with an innovative idea to give the trailer a greater connect.

The makers have created a spoof of the original Hindi trailer into various languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Bhojpuri.
The spoof trailer will have a special local connect and touch to it which will be relatable to the audiences in their own language!

Watch the spoof trailer now:

Watch the Punjabi trailer of the film which has been launched by Kapil Sharma and Diljit Dosanjh on their social media.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


These days, we all have some kind of stress to deal with, in our lives, example like small kids/students have some stress regarding studies, failing in exam and the most horrifying kind of stress to these kids is clearing IIT-JEE exam or getting admissions into Delhi University. Whereas Adults get nightmares of remaining unemployed, not getting promotion in job, monetary issues, Boss not getting impressed, Relationship status: still single, problem in marital life, not having babies, having babies but the baby has some health issues, kids not studying. Okay, okay let me end this here, all such things causes some kind of fear or insecurity in our mind. (We all have seen Raju Hirani’s Pk, right?)
As a result, we start going to worship places, keeping fasts, reading religious books (which were before found to be in scrap places of the house, lying in the layers of dust). And on one fine day, we meet a person with a great intellect in those religious places who calms and motivates us like: You know what?, Mr. Gupta (the scared person has no Idea, who the hell Gupta is!) had the same problem and he went to the show “ Third Eye of Parimal Baba” and got his problem cured.
Recently, GADHEY MAA was in media because of some of her private photos and telephonic conversation came out in the media. My point behind discussing this thing is that I figured out that celebrities like Subhash Ghai, Navjot Singh Siddhu, Dolly Bindra and Sonu Nigam, blindly follow her, which actually made me laugh a lot but I made myself calm by saying the tagline of a popular soft drink “ Darr Sabko lagta hai, Gala sabka sukhta hai”.

So, this is how those spiritual gurus become famous, like people who support those celebrities and call themselves as fan were acting as WOW! Sonu Nigam (My favourite singer) supports GADHEY MAA, So I should also support her, without any reason (If you want to see this, go to twitter or facebook and search #SonuNigam or search original name of #GADHEYMAA).

It is only us, who helps these people reach an annual turnover of 1000cr. or more. And then we make noise for the issue “Black Money”, “Corruption” etc. It is only us who encourage all these false and problematic issues in the society.

This time problem is not the lacking of education, because people who are illiterate, and are poor doesn’t indulge themselves in such nuisance. Moreover, there is no place for poors in the events and gatherings organised by these spiritual leaders because the minimum entry fee they take is nearly equal to their complete salary. These spiritual gurus are encouraged by the elite class of our society, not by anyone else.

Guys, all we need to accept the fact that everyone has problems in life from which we just can’t run away. One of my friend, put a Whatsapp status: “Life is fair, by being unfair to all”. If we actually decide to make our mind strong and face the problem, then no GADHEY MAA, PARIMAL BABA, BHASARAM Bapuji, SIRI SIRI RAVI will be able to influence the society.


Friday, 23 October 2015

The Modern Day RAAVANA

From last uncountable years, we are burning Raavan on Dusshera, which is just a symbol of showing that Good always wins over bad.

But, was the 10 headed fictional beast, that bad ? Like what he did ? He kidnapped Rama's wife but gave her all comforts like a palace to live in, food, clothes etc. I'm not saying what he did, was apt and can be justified.
But, Today's Raavana, don't have 10 heads, long moustache or wear black clothes but his deeds are more notorious. Modern Day's Raavan do not only kidnapp ladies, Rape them, throw them on some remote place in an ailing condition, takes profit of poor judiciary system and in the worse situation, if put behind the bars, comes out in 3-4 years.

I pitty on old Raavan. He still gets punished for just kidnapping a women 1000 years ago. Modern day Raavan's are in much more advantageous situation. So, by this post all I want to convey is burn the Raavana inside you. Burning a paper wood decorated Raavana with crackers will only cause pollution, not a change in society.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Still Life Photography

Life is like a photography, we develop from negatives.

A book speaks a thousand words.

Guitar is the best form of self-expression
Let your light shine everyday

Street Photography 

We accept the love, we think, we deserve

The feeling of love is everywhere

Sunset teaches us :
People Go and Come,
That's life.
We fall in love
By Chance
We stay in love
By Choice
You don't take a photograph, you make it.

I hope you liked these amazing photographs by 
Harsh Sharma.
If you want to see more of his works or for photoshoot in Delhi and NCR,
Contact him at
2. Fb page :

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Disney's ABCD-2 : Music Review

Today I am here with Music review of Remo D'souza 's upcoming move ABCD2 (Release date : June 19 )
The music is given by Sachin-Jigar.
There are following tracks in the movie.
1. Bezubaan Phir Se
The song is sung by Vishal Dadlani and Anushka Manchanda.
Voice of Vishal Dadlani has given the song ample energy. Because of him only this song has been added in the list of my favourite song.

2. Sun Saathiya
This is the most beautiful song in the movie, sung by Divya Kumar and Priya Saraiya. The video of this song is mesmerizing. Shraddha-Varun's dance is the thing, that you can't give it a miss.

3. Naach Meri Jaan Naach
Shot in the streets of Vegas, this song is so enthusiastic and fun. This song is sung by Rimi Nique, Shalmali Kholgade and Benny Dayal.

4. Happy Hour
The song is okayish, sung by Mika Singh but what's interesting about the song is Prabhudeva's dance moves.