Sunday, 29 June 2014

Last Summer Vacations of School Life !

I have become so big, I can't realize that it is last year of my schooling. I still remember the day when I was in nursery and I used to sit between a girl and a boy.These 14 years have past in that much hurry, that I could not overcome the fact that my childhood is lost in this bustle. Oh God ! I will treated as an adult in just 5-6 months. Somewhere in my mind, I am happy but I am sad too. There is a mixed feeling. As every child feels happy when he thinks himself entering a college and in the same way a child feels sad when he thinks of leaving the school.It's about end of school masti, waking up early, getting dressed up, catching up the bus, doing homeworks etc. This routine will totally gonna be changed.

With a resident of Shimla
As this is my last year of schooling, in the same way these are my last summer vacations of school life and I am happy, that I am ending up with the vacations with so many good memories. The best part of the last school vacation was the Chail- Shimla trip. The two day trip gave me memories for my whole life. These two days spent with my friends outside the school has added another page to the my imaginary diary.
We had so much fun there. We all acted like crazens,clicked so many pictures with each other.Enjoyed the evening and scenic beauty of Shimla's mall road with local peeps of Shimla. I was even got trolled there by a monk. I asked him for a pic, Instead of replying me, he was busy replying someone on WhatsApp. Then we asked some cops who were wearing different kind of turbans, they also refused. Hard luck, I know.

Shimla is place famous for its weather,unpredictable romantic rains, heart touching winds, soothing horizons,relaxing fogs. Though all markets are have same stuff these days, but walking with friends on the markets and mall roads was completely different.

me and my friends near the Ridge.

Not only Shimla but the village chail of Himachal was so refreshing and peaceful. We did activities like flying fox,river crossing, Burma bridge and trekking there. Though it was near forest, we saw enormous number of monkeys and hilly doggies there. I think both the place for so awesome and become more mesmerizing because I had my school friends with me.
Chail Villas